The best thing to happen to laptops since, well...the laptop.
The SideTrak easily attaches to your laptop for compact use and travel. Save 2.5 hours of work every week simply by using the SideTrak with your laptop! Get excited to be your most productive self and stay on track with SideTrak.
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Attach SideTrak to Your Laptop

Slide Out SideTrak

Work More Productively On-The-Go!

Work On-The-Go

Easy to see..

Perfect for Travel

Use the SideTrak wherever you roam! This lightweight attachable second monitor quickly attaches to your laptop and you are ready to work! No Fuss, No Muss.

Productivity Whenever You Need it

When you stop to work quickly, don't waste time flipping through tabs, or organizing multiple views - Use the SideTrak to see double the information and get your work done much faster!



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